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Musical Raccoon Wide 43" Light Deck

Musical Raccoon Wide 43" Light Deck

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Сomposite longboard Skyline Raccoon Wide 43" Light Deck 

We’re happy to present you the universal composite longboard LOUhill Musical Raccoon Wide-43"

The board was created especially for downhill, freeride and freestyle styles. Racoon design strikes by its precise geometry that is presented by a unique combination of wide base, U-concave, and comfortable foot pockets. The deck is stable so the rider feels safe and confident even at the highest speed. (on the fastest downhills)

The first thing you’ll experience on LOUhill Musical Raccoon Wide-43" is stability that is the same at any speed and gives the feeling of confidence and control on the hills ride. It is equipped with convenient kick-tails that make the board easy to grip and perform different tricks. The wide base is ideal for dancing movements and makes the city ride pleasant and comfortable.

You can choose to purchase the rough deck without grip tape and print, or you can order custom printing. The complete version with truck and wheels is also available for purchase.

Length 43"
Width 10"
Concave 0,85
Drop 0.75"
Wheelbase 29"
Truck Mounting Top mount
Style Free ride, Freestyle, Downhill
Material 6 ply Maple, fiberglass


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Longboard is a longer and wider version of the skateboard, which makes them different for racing, cruising or for those who just want to enjoy a fun trip. Unlike conventional skateboards, which tend to be shorter and thinner, the added length and width of the longboard surface, the enlarged wheels provide a stable and smooth ride, which makes it more comfortable, and is often compared to surfing. This shape and design is better than on a skateboard. Large wheels allow less notice of irregularities on the road. Forms of longboards have more variations in design and profiles, as well as several options for the width of the suspension.

Longbords originated in California in the XX century in the 50's, since the 70's appeared jumps on shorter decks, so there were skateboards, but after a while long longboards again returned, but with older guys.

Having different designs and shapes, and also using strong materials such as composite materials, maple and fiberglass ,. Depending on your driving style and preferences, each style, size and material of the long deck will differ from the others. Some decks have larger wheels, which makes them ideal for "surfing" and cruising, as they allow you to gain more speed, while smaller wheels give more agility and it's easier to do tricks on them.