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Longboard is a more long and wide variation of a skateboard. These modifications make Longs perfect for racing, cruising or for the ones who simply enjoys street-riding. Basic skateboards that are more thin and short in comparison to longboards whose add          itional width and length, and enlarged wheels create more smooth and comfortable riding experience. Because of this longboarding is often compared to surfing.
This shape is exactly what makes you feel more confident comparing to skateboard and gain the overwhelming speed. Big wheels help to amortize and ignore the humps of the road.
The deck shapes of the Longs have a lot more different options in deck design, flexibility and truck width.

California is a birthplace of longboards. The first Longs appeared back in the 50s, at the beginning of the 70s they were replaced by skateboards as the alternative for short-deck jumps. The longboards reappeared some time after and with adult users. 


Longs have all variety of deck constructions and designs, strong and durable materials like composite, maple, and fiberglass. Depending on your taste and riding styles, the shape, size, style, and material of your deck would differ from the others. Some decks have bigger wheels which makes them great for cruising or “surfing” cause they help to speed up. Other designs have small wheels to create a better turning capacity which is necessary for complex tricks.